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How to Become a Loan Broker? Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to growing your small business or purchasing specific equipment, there are many ways for secure funding. You have to find the right fit eligibility and terms that can be a time-consuming task. Rather than going from lender to lender or bank to bank to assess loans, you should hire a loan broker. The broker can evaluate the financial goals of organizations and automate the loan process by pairing your business with the best lender. Furthermore, the loan broker is helpful while negotiating loans to secure project funding. If you want to become business loan broker yourself, it’s important to know all the details.
Let’s discuss loan broker duties and ways to become a business loan broker.

What Is a Business Loan Broker?

A loan broker is a professional who makes collaboration between lenders and businesses. Whether you want to secure funding for a loan or open a new business, loan brokers work to find the best finance terms. Furthermore, they negotiate with lenders for loan approval. To become a business broker, you have to analyze the client’s financial position and search for an appropriate lender. So basically, the task of a business loan broker is to connect businesses with third-party investors or lenders to secure loans. The broker collects a fee for every approval. There are different types of loan brokers, so you have to select the right broker for you.

How to Be a Business Loan Broker?

To become a business loan broker yourself, you need to follow a few guidelines.

Get Appropriate Training

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If you want to be a loan broker, you must have experience in sales, banking, lending or customer services. Getting knowledge of business brokerage meaning generally requires to attend a training program. In this way, you can understand the costs, benefits and other terms of a business loan broker. You need to learn the right skills from this training program.

Look for a License

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Most loan brokers do not require a license but the requirements vary from state to state. You have to check your state licensing needs. For example, if you want to serve as a loan broker in Virginia, you must have a Virginia business license.

Establish Relationships

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Successful business loan brokers work with lenders and business clients. So, you should establish a strong relationship with people to make quick loan approval. When lenders, borrowers and brokers work together, they create an alliance that participates in mutual prosperity.

Create a Brokerage

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If you decide to become business broker, you should step up your independent broker business. Below are some steps to set up your brokerage to offer business loan broker services in Virginia.

  • Register as a corporation
  • Give your brokerage a name
  • Get a federal employee tax identification number
  • Open business accounts such as credit cards or utilities
  • Develop your fees or rates

Build a Network


If you want to take a business loan without collateral as a broker, you should build a network. Your network can give opportunities to know local lenders and meet new clients. You can collaborate with other loan broker to get tips. So, always ensure that your network knows you are a loan broker and can be helpful for their business.

Attain Voluntary Certification

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After getting licensed, a loan broker becomes eligible for voluntary certification. These certificates are offered by different nonprofit organizations such as Mortgage Bankers Association and nonprofit organizations; however, the eligibility requirements include training completion and proof of work experience. The purpose of attaining these certificates is to become more reliable as a loan broker.

Get an MLO License

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After getting the necessary education to become business broker, you should pass the national exam. In some states, it is compulsory to pass a state exam. If you fail to meet the background needs, it can prevent you from getting a license; therefore, always ensure to pass the state exam and get an MLO license for proper operations.

Do You Need a License to Be a Business Loan Broker?

Although for most states, brokers don’t need to be licensed to start loan broker services because this license requirement is limited to real estate loans; however, it is necessary and recommended to have a license. It depends on specific state requirements whether you need a license or not. You can get the information from licensing board. Furthermore, you can connect with member organizations in the banking industry.

Getting a license to become a business loan broker requires meeting the education guidelines and advanced training. You can also find available classes through the national Mortgage License System to get a license according to your state’s needs.

All You Need to Be a Business Broker in Virginia

To make a career in the real estate industry, you may be interested to become business loan broker. Here are vital things you must know for becoming a loan broker.

  • You should get your high school diploma or pass the general education development test (GED).
  • The next step is to prepare for licensing. You can secure a license from the National Multi-State Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).
  • When you complete your licensing course, the next step is to take and pass the NMLS exam.
  • After passing the exam, you have to register as a legal business to become a business loan broker.
  • Fulfill your loan broker license requirements and make a connection with the lender and business owner.

Final Talk

Loan brokers work in the challenging financial field to help investors and businesses in finding the assistance they need to grow. If you want to attain a license in Virginia, start knowing about all business license costs in VA and then figure out your future plans.

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