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What Are the 4 Types of Real Estate Agents?

A real estate agent is a licensed expert for real estate transactions. Its task is to put sellers and buyers together and act as their representatives. These agents earn by commission. So, their income depends on their ability to make a deal. There are different types of real estate agents in the world of real estate. These real estate agents market the property through networking, listing services and advertisements. Keep reading to know all about different types of real estate agencies and agents.

How Many Real Estate Agents Are There?

There are many types of real estate agents depending on their education and experience level. Let’s discuss some of them in detail:


A happy young broker

Brokers are real estate agents having wide experience in the real estate world. After getting the brokerage license, the brokers can become managers and owners of their real estate firms. In addition, the attorneys can also become brokers depending on their state. For example, in Virginia, the real estate brokers from Virginia may provide the Virginia real estate brokerage services.


Attractive woman with glasses in professional business attire.

Realtors are among the types of agents in real estate. The best quality of realtors is they have standards of ethics and they are trustworthy. To become a realtor, you need to take the pre-licensing course.

Buying Agents

Man, woman, banker, house architect, contract office

The buyer agents are helpful for investors looking for property to purchase. In addition, these agents analyze the entire process of negotiation.

Dual Agents

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Dual agents are one of those agents in real estate who represent both sellers and buyers of the same transaction. The dual agents are considered illegal in some states.

Selling Agents

A real estate agent showing a house to a family

Selling agents provide their services to people looking to sell their properties. These agents represent the owner of the property that is being sold. The seller agents are helpful in taking different responsibilities such as advertising and marketing the property.

What are the 4 Types of Real Estate Agencies?

If we talk about the real estate agencies, there are four major types of real estate agencies performing multiple functionalities in real estate. The following are the most significant agencies:

  • Land real estate agencies
  • Residential real estate agencies
  • Commercial real estate agencies
  • Industrial real estate agencies

These 4 types of real estate agencies work separately. Many of us are curious to know how these agencies work. Below are some details about each type of agency.

1) Land Real Estate Agencies

Land for sale sign

The land is the baseline for all kinds of real estate properties. It refers to vacant land and undeveloped property. The developers acquire land and rezone it to enhance the property value. Land real estate agency is one of the significant types of real estate agencies. These agencies have specializations in buying lands for ranching and farming. Furthermore, these agencies handle subcategories of unoccupied land.

2) Residential Real Estate Agencies

Row houses in village

Residential real estate consists of families, individuals housing or groups of people. It is one of the most common types of real estate agencies and many people are familiar with this. The residential real estate agencies deal with apartments, townhouses, single-family houses and other types of living arrangements. Furthermore, resale properties and new constructions are also a part of this category. They also deal with housing including duplexes, condominiums and high-value residences. So, it is one of the common types of real estate agencies to look at while purchasing a home.

3) Commercial Real Estate Agencies

Commercial tall buildings

Commercial real estate refers to buildings and lands that are in use by businesses for their operations. Some of its examples are office buildings, individual stores, medical centers and parking lots. Educational and medical facilities are included in this category. Commercial real estate agencies deal with all these types of assets. Furthermore, commercial agencies work with different types of real estate agents. These agents have the expertise to maximize the value of your property.

4) Industrial Real Estate Agencies

Industrial rooftop warehouse location

These agencies deal with lands in use by the industrial business for activities like mechanical productions, factories, construction, transportation and logistics. These are one of those real estate agencies that cover both warehousing and production facilities. They also deal with manufacturing, distribution and research. You can contact with an SV business broker in Vienna, VA to deal with these industrial real estate agencies.

What Type of Real Estate Agents Make the Most Money?

The real estate agents make money with commissions depending on the percentage of the property’s selling price. The realtors can get up to $120,000 in a year by providing exclusive services. These are one of the most paid types of agents in real estate industry. The realtors assist the client in the selling or purchasing of property such as homes, commercial buildings and land. Furthermore, they have different responsibilities and duties. Many of them work on commission to sell the property. They negotiate sales on behalf of their clients to complete sales. Thus, they are one of the most paid real estate agents.


To know real estate broker meaning, you need to understand what real estate agents do. These agents work with clients to help them in real estate such as buildings and houses. Therefore, before hiring a real estate agent, you must understand how they can be helpful for your business. Different types of real estate agents are licensed professionals. Their responsibilities vary depending upon their working with the seller or buyer; however, the general duty of all real estate agents is to administrate marketing, work and research.

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