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Virginia Business License: All you want to know

When you run a business in Virginia, you need a Virginia business license, certificate or permit for successful business operations. There are different ways to get information about license permission to start a business in Virginia. You may need to attend training, workshops or free counseling for specific types of businesses. Most of the business licenses in Virginia are handled by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations (DPOR); however, some professions are not looked at by this department. Thus, you need a Virginia business license lookup according to your business needs. Go through this whole content to know about what you need for getting a Virginia business license.

Why Get a Business License?

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If you want to launch a startup, you need to have a Virginia business license search. It doesn’t matter whether you have an online store, physical store, small or big business. You always need a license to maintain your business. Business licenses are issued by the government depending upon the goods or services you want to sell.

Many businesses are required to get a federal business license. In addition to this, state business licenses change from state to state. So, you should need to consider the state for business brokerage services in Virginia. If a state finds an individual working without a license, it immediately orders to stop working; therefore, you need to have a business license in Virginia.

Do I Need a Business License in VA?

Yes! To start a business in Virginia, you need to have a business license of Virginia. You should determine your business type before applying for a license. It may need proper Virginia business entity research to obtain a business license. You need to go to the sites of licensing bureaus, federal authorities or brokers. Furthermore, you should have detailed information about your specific business type before choosing a business broker in Virginia.

The purpose of getting a business license is simple: it holds businesses accountable for all of its activities.

You need to have a business license in Virginia:

  • To ensure public health and safety.
  • To keep track of your finances.
  • To know your company and make you accountability for activities.

When Do You Need a Business License in Virginia?

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A simple way to know when you need a business license in Virginia is to know your company’s preference. First, you should have a location for the business where you will operate all your business deals then you may need a business license; however, not every business in Virginia needs a license. Some licenses are issued by agencies and locally. You need to consider the cost of a business license in Virginia according to your business needs. For this, you should check the official government websites because they may help you figure out what licenses might be necessary. List of businesses that require a license are given below:

  • Sales tax registration
  • Payroll tax registration
  • Construction, home improvement
  • Electric pumping,roofing
  • Healthcare, wholesale drug distributors, pharmacy
  • Debt collection agency
  • Insurance
  • Engineering
  • Security, agencies, guards, alarm companies

How Do I look up a Business License in VA?

Getting a business license in Virginia is pretty easy. Your country and city have a website to educate you about their licensing needs. You may have the opportunity to apply online depending upon where you live; otherwise, you should have to email to the related party or download the application. For Virginia business license lookup, you will be asked for the information given below:

  • Your business name and any assumed name
  • Federal employer identification number or social security number
  • Business address and contact information
  • Expected annual sales and number of employees
  • Business sales tax and estimated gross revenue

By submitting all these requirements, you will receive your business license in Virginia within a few weeks. After receiving a license, you will be able to post the license at your business place.

How Much Is a Virginia Business License?

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Generally, you have to pay a fee to get a Virginia business license. The fee can change depending upon the business size and the locality. The fee usually ranges from $15 to a few hundred dollars. In addition, the Virginia business license cost for larger businesses is based on project gross revenue. You have to renew your license after some time which involves an additional fee.

According to Virginia law, businesses must pay an annual registration fee depending upon the shares. The company with more than 5,000 shares will pay $100; however, the company having more than 270,000 shares will have to pay $1,700. Thus, the cost of a business license in Virginia depends upon the estimate of total gross receipts.


A business license is a document to confirm that your company is safe for the public. It is usually a Government Issue Permit to allow businesses operations in a specific area. Usually, the company location and activities determine what kind of license is needed to operate legally. Figuring out which Virginia business license you need is a time-consuming and daunting task. That’s why you should also consult all the things in the ultimate guide to start a business in VA.

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