Business Brokerage and Consulting

Financial Documents Preparation

Assisting Sellers in the preparation of selling their business” SVG can help Sellers in the organization and preparation of their financials info, in order to put forth a clear and best presentation as to the financial aspects of the business. SVG has a unique approach in business brokerage by that ensures buyers and seller success by providing accurate relevant business information for making the right decision and ensuring success.

Therefore, initial information gathering is crucial to bring about results as soon as possible and meet buyers and sellers expectations. Once the transaction is completed, we have a close contact with our client enabling future success.

Cash Flow

When an individual is buying a business, the owners cash flow (also called sellers discretionary earnings) is usually the most important number in terms of valuing the business.  In an owner-operated business, the owners cash flow is all of the income and benefits available to a working owner.

Determining the Business's Value

Several methods are used by business brokers to help determine the value.  Some factors used when calculating these methods are competitive environment, industry outlook, depth of management, financial track record and return on investment when compared to safe, passive investments.  All of the methods used assume a buyer will purchase a given business if its cash flow will satisfy the buyer’s three primary needs:Debt Service, Living Wage, ROI (Return on Investment)

Get a Business Valuation from SV Business Brokers

SV Business Brokers offers a business appraisal using the market approach. The cost is modest and there is no obligation. If you are considering selling your business, contact us today to schedule a business valuation.

We brainstorm to generate ideas by engaging in an open group discussion. Each person in the group is encouraged to come up with as many ideas as possible, no matter how outlandish they may initially appear to be. A critique of the resulting ideas is only allowed after the initial idea generation phase has been completed.

How do you know if your dreams are attainable and what they will cost you?  Our business consulting will help you to achieve your goals.

Owning a business can be both financially rewarding and personally satisfying. However, experience and adequate funds are required as well as motivation and hard work. Let us assist you in your planning.

Success can be achieved in running a business let us assist you to identify the critical elements achieving success.

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