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SVG is partnered with CashNet a leading merchant service provider to businesses. CashNet offers highly competitive credit card processing fees and fast reliable credit card transaction.

What Does a Merchant Account Do and What Costs Are Involved?

Here’s how a merchant account works. When a customer buys something at a shop or restaurant and uses a credit or debit card, that information is sent through an electronic terminal to the bank where the merchant account is set up. The bank then goes through a card processor to contact the card issuer, whether it’s the customer’s bank or credit card company. The card issuer then approves the transaction by checking the customer’s available funds and using various security checks to protect against fraud.

What Is a Merchant Services Broker?

One of the best ways to understand what a merchant broker is to think about who needs one. Imagine you’re that business owner who’s running a cash-only business because he’s afraid of the transaction fees but knows that accepting cards could end up being better for the bottom line. A merchant broker can help find this business a merchant account that works best for them. Merchant services brokers are also highly beneficial to business owners who are unhappy with their current merchant account or those that might have a hard time finding one for various reasons. Because of their history with different banks and providers, merchant brokers can often get an account for businesses that are unable to get accounts elsewhere.

Who Needs a Merchant Account?

Any business that wants to accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment needs a merchant account. These accounts are provided by the merchant’s acquiring banks, who partner with various card processors to facilitate electronic payments.Online businesses cannot function without a merchant account since their customers use only credit or debit cards for payment. On the other hand, brick and mortar stores have the choice of setting up a merchant account to either accept credit and debit cards or run a cash-only business.

Why do some brick and mortar stores choose the cash-only option? Merchant accounts have charges, fees, and costs that a lot of small businesses feel they cannot afford, or would be better off without. While this is a valid concern, requiring customers to pay in cash has problems of its own. Getting a merchant account increases sales by making it easier for customers to pay – and it can come with many other benefits too.

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