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How to Sell a Small Business Quickly? Step-by-Step Guide

Selling a small business can be a challenging venture which involves different considerations. The sale of every business is unique but the basics are the same; therefore, you should be fully prepared so you may get the maximum value for your small business. Remember! The business value depends on the sale’s timing, reasons for sale and the strength of the business. If you want to sell your business fast, you need to determine the best possible ways. Let’s discuss some aspects to sell your business in the simplest and time-saving way.

How to Quickly Value a Business?

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When you want to sell business quickly, you need to know the current market value of your business. Below is a guide for finding buyers for your business and knowing the estimating business’s value.

1) Estimate Asset Value

You should add up the value of all the things including inventory and equipment. The business balance sheet is a starting point to estimate the total business’ worth.

2) Utilize Multiple Earnings

The most relevant thing is the price to earnings ratio of the business. It would be a helpful thing for you, if you are wondering about “how to sell my business fast?”

3) Think Beyond Financial Formulas

You should consider your business’ value depending on the geographical location. For this, you have to keep an eye on strategic value and financial formulas.

How to Sell a Business Quickly?

Every small business owner invests hours and hours into their company to make it successful. There is a lot of struggle and sacrifice to make the small business stand out in the marketplace; therefore, selling your business fast can be a difficult process both logistically and emotionally. You need to get your business in an exclusive shape before listing it into any marketplace. For this, you have to invest money in your company to make it strong. It is also a great way to sell your business fast in Virginia.

There are many further steps to consider before selling a small business.

A Glance at the Steps to Sell your Business Fast

If you want to understand how to sell a business fast, consult “how to sell a business complete guide?”  Some important key notes are listed below.

1) Make a Strategic Plan

Business owners should be aware of how to sell a business fast, planning is the best way to do so. A succession plan may be helpful to get interested buyers quickly.

2) Hire a Sales Professional

The sales professionals are helpful to bring new customers and revenue. The business brokers can help owners throughout the selling process. In addition to this, they may handle all the small and big tasks that come with selling business. Furthermore, they evaluate the brand and create a prospectus to find the relevant customers.

3) Clean up Records

Before you dive into selling your business fast, you should clean up your financial records. It’s a necessary thing to get a fair deal for your brand. Selling a business means you have the attention of a lot of financials. It includes accountants, lawyers, prospective sellers and business valuation specialists; therefore, you should work on your financial statements, with the help of a broker, before listing your business.

4) Prepare Business Documents

If you want to sell your business fast, you should gather your financial tax and statement returns dating back four to five years. In addition to this, you need to review them with an accountant. Always list the equipment that’s being sold with the company.

Make a list of contacts related to supplies & transactions and create copies of documents to distribute among potential buyers. Furthermore, you should know about free business listings for sale in MD and VA. In short, you have to ensure that your business is presentable in a well-defined manner.

5) Get Expert Valuation

Valuing a business is not a simple process. You have to get assistance from professionals. Involving professional brokers would be the best way to bring credibility to the business to sell it quickly. The expert you hire may take into account everything from sales to inventories, business assets and debts to set a realistic value of your business.

6) Find Potential Buyers

Last but not the least, it’s always better to negotiate with qualified and potential buyers. Remember! Many transactions fall apart because customers fail to secure the loans. Your business is a valuable asset because making a company can take years of effort and time; therefore, try to work with professional buyers to avoid any inconvenience.

How fast can I Sell my Business in Virginia?

There are multiple incentives for both existing businesses and startups in Virginia. The income tax rate is among the lowest in the nation plus the policies are business-friendly and attractive for startups. Virginia is also an ideal place to sell business because of its exclusive atmosphere to sell business quickly. You still have to work on the following features, if you also want to know how to sell your business fast in Virginia.

  • Select the right business registration process.
  • Use an effective business name in Virginia.
  • Appoint a registered agent.
  • Get a business license to sell your business fast in Virginia.


Selling a small business needs a lot of decisions. You have already put years of work into making a business and there have been countless financial and emotional challenges during this journey. So, don’t sell it cheap without any expert business brokerage. Always think about business brokerage meaning before selling your business. Business brokerage is always there to facilitate your selling business process according to your judgment and considerations. A qualified business brokerage has to take care of everything involved in selling a business quickly. There are finances to track, books to settle and pressure to handle while selling a small business. With the help of an expert broker, you may take all careful steps and you may get the best offer as soon as possible.

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