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Benefits of Buying a Business instead of Starting a New One

Having your own business is bliss but it’s hard at the same time. To own a business, you must consider the facts about buying a business vs. starting your own. Working from scratch brings up different cons with challenges. Many people buy an existing business because of several reasons. Buying an existing business surely offers more security and benefits; however, you should select the business that is right for you. Furthermore, you should consider your skills and experiences before buying an established business. Here is a guide for buying an existing business that would be helpful for you to learn different aspects in detail.

Is Buying an Existing Business a Good Idea?

Buying a business: yes or not?

Buying an existing business can be beneficial in several ways. Many of us are confused about whether to buy a business or start your own. If you have an outstanding business idea, starting a new business can help you to survive in the industry. Starting a business from scratch always needs commitments and obligations; therefore, prefer buying an existing business if you don’t have prior business skills and knowledge. According to SBA’s Office of Advocacy, almost 50% of new businesses fail within their starting period. Thus, purchasing an existing business permits you to grow and build a unique brand reputation; however, there are many mistakes you should avoid when you buy a business. If you can avoid such mistakes, choosing an existing business can be a good choice.

What Are the Benefits of Owning Your Own Business?

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It is wise to think about the benefits of purchasing an existing business. Read on to know the advantages of buying an established business.

Lesser Risk

Lesser risk of buying an existing business is one of the best benefits and that is exactly what an expert broker advices for beginner business buyers. It is a low-risk investment than starting a business from scratch. A new company comes with the cost of hiring employees, real estate, furniture, training, equipment and marketing. On the other hand, an existing business doesn’t need these formalities.

Availability of Staff

One of the basic differences in starting vs. buying a business is the staff. When you purchase an existing business, the loyal employees want it to be successful. So, the employees can help you in your business success. The well-trained staff can provide information about the business operations. Furthermore, they provide insight into the negative and positive aspects of the business.


Buying an established business is a way to learn many things. The previous business owner and staff are ideal sources of knowledge and information for starting a business vs. buying a business. Thus, it provides a way to get expertise in handling business operations.


When you buy an existing business, it gives you entrepreneurial freedom. It’s a fact that buying an existing business can be challenging but it gives you a freedom to apply all the creative ideas to run a business according to your preference because it is still profitable. It buys you time to expand it further or making its franchises. As an individual, you should do proper research before buying a business vs. a franchise.

Lesser Work

When you start a new business, it needs more time and strategies. You have to take the work seriously to make a good business place in the market. On the other hand, buying an existing business is a way to streamline business processes in less work; moreover, it is a way to manage the business and enjoy life.

Established Share Customer Base

If you want to buy an existing business in Virginia, you should consider the market share factor and customers. To start a business from scratch, you need to put in money, effort and time. So, one of the biggest benefits of buying an existing business is you get a strong base.

Established Infrastructure

The startup needs a lot of money and time to establish business functionality; however, an existing business is already in the running process. Furthermore, the existing business has equipment and furniture to provide better services. So, to choose between starting vs. buying a business, you should consider the benefits of an established business.

Easy and Secure Financing

Traditional financing becomes easy when you purchase an existing business. The loan application for business acquisition is easy with existing business financing. It also reduces the lender’s risk and you can purchase business directly without funding the program.

Is Buying an Existing Business Better than Starting One?

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When you talk about buying a business vs. starting your own, you have to consider the associated challenges. There are pros and cons to both that make the decision difficult; however, when you keep in mind the benefits of buying an established business, you may become able to choose your pick. Entrepreneurs need to think about all the options to start a business. Starting a business from the scratch needs a lot of hard work and it is a more complicated process because it includes elements like business registration, finding suppliers and creating brand identity. Thus, keep in mind that buying an existing business can be a better option than starting a new business.


If you want to go into business, the first thing that comes to mind is the failure rates of starting a business from scratch. Whether you are about to buy a business or start your own, you need to do complete research before making a decision. We have mentioned the benefits of buying an existing business. Hopefully, it would be helpful for you to make a careful decision. You can also send us a free consultation request to get the specific feedback regarding your financial queries.

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