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6 Common Types of Startups You Need to know

A startup is a company established by entrepreneurs to provide customers with unique services or products. We live in a modern era where everyone wants to be innovative. That’s why business owners are changing their ways and replacing previous ideas with new ones. During the early times of launching startups, the founding team usually self-funds the business.

There are different startup types that are ideal to make people’s lives simple and solve their issues. Here, you are going to know about types of startup with new ideas. Keep reading to explore new things if you want to build a startup.

What are the Different Types of Start-Ups?

When we talk about startup vs. small businesses, the startup is not like a regular company. One can define a startup in different ways. Nowadays, the demand for entrepreneurs to know about the market is increasing. Therefore, having a good startup is not enough, and you need to have a vision for the company. The different types of startups range from grocery stores to technology startups. Most common types of startups in 2022 are:

  • Small startup
  • Large startup
  • Scalable startup
  • Lifestyle startup
  • Social startup
  • Buyable startup

The 6 Types of Startup

Small Startup

Two women working in a small startup

The owners of small business startup do not wish to grow it. Instead of that, they want to live a comfortable life. This startup type is created by general people and it is mostly self-funded. The owners don’t have any app to scale up their business. The common small business startup types are bakers, grocery stores and travel agencies.

Large Startup

Aman and woman are talking together in a company

The large company startup is also in the list of 6 types of startups. Innovation is the primary goal of a large company startup. So, the main focus of this startup model is to be superior and unique. The customer’s interest, technology and market needs are changing with time; therefore, large businesses need to adapt creative business models to survive in the marketplace.

Companies that fall in this startup type should need to be fit in revolutionary services. Furthermore, the large startups should grow with the new trends and business demands. An example of a large business startup is the Apple using innovations.

Scalable Startup

The scalable is one of the unique types of startup that can be grown to x times in a few years. Generally, the tech companies belong to this group. The tech business has great potential to access the global market using automation. In addition to this, these companies don’t face difficulties in getting a grant for a startup; however, the idea behind scalable startup needs to solve a major problem. That’s why scalable startups make up a small percentage of 6 types of startups. It means only few can literally pull it off successfully. The examples of these startups are Twitter, Facebook, Google and Uber. These startups work with the best employees and investors to enhance the development of their ideas.

Lifestyle Startups

Lifestyle startups are one of the 6 types of startups whose owners like what they do. This startup type is based on dreams that generally come from the creator’s lifestyle. In addition, it enhances the passion, aims and talent in place of money. The lifestyle startups can range from web development to tour guides.

Social Startup

Woman interacting with social media

The social startup is one of the startup types that have a huge significance for entrepreneurs. It is formed by socially ambitious people that want to benefit their communities, region and workers. Social startups are designed to do good for others. A good example of a social startup is nonprofit organizations.

Buyable Startup

Facebook logo on the mobile screen

The buyable startup is a type of startup that needs investment for growth and structure formulation. Buyable startups are not built to make billions of dollars. These startups are generally tech-focused and many of these startups are in the development industry. Facebook and Google are examples of such companies that purchase technological solutions from this type of startup; however, making an investment in this startup type is a risk.

Which Startup is best?

Startup companies are increasing day by day in 2022. In addition to the business model, it’s the startup approach that attracts people. That’s why you need to choose the one that suits best to your requirements and budget. If you have a unique idea to ease the people’s lives, go with it. If you have a unique product that needs to be sold more, try a salable startup. If you want to have millions of people swimming with you, social startups are making a good place in this era. You can use your own experience to choose one of the best from the list of 6 types of startups. It all depends upon your product roadmap and a path to reach more profitability. Just go with your gut feeling and don’t worry about investments as there are many business brokerage services in Virginia that would be helpful for your next startup.

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