Buyer Info

SVG provides potential buyers with focused, detailed and expert support throughout the buying process. We have developed a “73” question evaluation that our experience has shown are critical to determining clearly what is for sale and establishing a value of those findings.

Buyer’s 73 Point Listing Review

With over 30 years of experience, SVG has determined that there are no less than “73” important questions that a buyer needs to have answered before making any final offer. Many buyers are very successful who coming from many diversified industries may lack the experience in purchasing a small business. The “73” point listing review does not offer a guarantee for success but should eliminate many surprises and disappointments that can occur after closing on your new business.

The following are the 10 categories that make up the “73” Point Listing program.

  • Documents That May Be Required
  • The Real Estate Acquisition and Lease
  • Real Estate Improvements
  • Sales Information
  • Employee Information
  • Franchise Information
  • Goodwill
  • Valuation
  • Other/Miscellaneous Requirements
  • Government Regulations, Certifications, and Reports

Exclusive Buyer’s Service Program

  • Sign up on the exclusive program.
  • Submit your financial statement and resume.
  • Fill out a buyer’s profile, this will consist of questions such as “What are you looking for?” “In what location?” and “Budget restraints”. This will take about 15 minutes on the phone with the broker.
  • SVG will direct a full search of all possible listings that meet the buyer’s criteria. The broker will contact Seller to do a “pre-check” of the business for sale.
  • SVG will communicate to the buyer, their recommendations, and findings of each possible listing.
  • Buyer will examine the business candidates
  • The buyer can arrange for the buyer and seller to set up a meeting or a three-way conversation as a first step in moving in the process.
  • The broker will do the “73” point review on any listing that the buyer has a serious interest in moving forward.
  • SVG will assist in negotiating and arriving at an agreed-upon price and terms by both parties.
  • SVG assist with financing
  • SVG assist with real estate acquisition and lease assignment
  • SVG to assist and facilitate the settlement process.

Selling or buying, Saedlo & Veissy Group can ensure you take the right steps in your business strategies!